Speak softly and carry a big stick

Annyeong everyone,

It's been a while, hasn't it? Missed me? Kekeke, I guess not. Some of you probably will have noticed that I usually use English idioms as titles - the only exeptions are the QuickE's, discoveries I've made and the happy birthday wishes for the members of DBSK. Which reminds me: I've been too busy to blog about YooChun's birthday! Oh well...I decided I won't do that any more anyways...it's not like they actually read my blog.

Anyways...let's carry on. Um...the idiom 'Speak softly and carry a big stick' is very fitting for a situation I landed in during my internship (I still have two weeks to go). There are 3 other interns and our "boss"  - and I use this term lightly - has taken advantage of us. There are a lot of problems with this guys, but the worst thing was the fact that we didn't get our pay of April and May...until the beginning of June.
And we only got that because I had asked him about it for like a gazillion times! Do you know how horrible it is to beg for your own money? It made me feel like a gold digger or something.

So I went to talk to him about a lot of problems he should fix. This is where the idiom comes in, because I was ready to break his neck. I was that pissed. I'm never pissed. I just shrug things off. But that dude is really something. Everything I said to him, he twisted....so it would make me feel guilty. Lucky for me...I don't feel guilty about things I haven't done. Now he takes every chance he's got to admonish me for stuff.

Yesterday was another example of this. We only have to come to the office at Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The rest of the time we work home. Suddenly he decides he wanted us to come to the office today (because he 'quit' his freelance job...yeah right). I couldn't go because I had some other stuff to do. He totally went into a frenzy. Like I should be ashamed I had other appointments without telling him. He tried to use my argument (if he'd be late or have a meeting, he should at least give us a call) against me. The only problem was that I was talking about the days when we were actually supposed to be here.
That miserable excuse of a human had told us - at the beginning of the internship - that we would only have to come to the office on those three days. Then we could work at home the rest of the time, and have time for work or school or sports or whatever. His words...not mine.

Can you believe that man?! He's is so getting on my nerves! I'm not an agressive person, but I'm constantly thinking of ways to kill him. And I wonder how everything's gonna work out with the money we made in June. Oh well, only two weeks left...I'll keep my murderous plans to myself for now. But boy, I will be so happy when this internship is over.

Ja mata ne mina!

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