Nobuta wo Produce

Annyeong everyone,

I must say once again: Kamenashi Kazuya is a good actor (not yet great, but he'll get there) I loved his character in Nobuta wo Produce. The story of the dorama is very touching and funny at the same time. I'm not going to SPOIL it for you guys, so watch it yourselves. ^^

Ja, anata-tachi mate ne?


Writing cannot express all words, words cannot encompass all ideas.

Annyeong everyone,

Ah...Confucious, my man. Seriously, this dude had a way with words. I agree with this saying about language and writing. When I have an idea, it all makes sense and fits somehow, but when I try to write it down...the words never get out the way I had intended.
It was quite frustrating at first, but in the end I got used to it. My thoughts will never be turned into a perfect sentence on paper, but at least they will be acceptable if not good.
I don't really have anything else to say for now; my mind isn't on blogging right now OTL

Ja, anata-tachi mata ne?

(Yeah, I've stopped with the sayonara....it's a bit formal *^^*)

Just a QuickE!

Annyeong everyone,

I finished watching the dorama Sapuri today (and yes, with Kame...I'm addicted) I'm not currently watching Nobuta wo produce (yes again, with Kame) and Yukan Club (with Akanishi Jin).
You must think I have nothing to do kekekke.
I've also gone back to reading Kenshin again...I stopped a couple of months ago for reasons I can't remember, but I'm back on track.

Sayonara mina!


Just a QuickE!

Annyeong everyone,

I've just finished the dorama Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge and I loved it. Kame really acted superb in this dorama. Though the prank thing went a little too far.^^

Sayonara, mina!


Writing is my time machine, it takes me to the precise time and place I belong

Annyeong everyone,

I love to write. Whether it's a blogpost, an essay for school, a story of my own or just scraps of ideas I jot down in my notebook. Writing is like breathing to me; I can't imagine me not writing. You know how they say there's a double of all of us somewhere? Though I'm not so sure I believe that, I just know that if there is another me out there, she (or he...I don't know if they'd be the same gender as the 'original') will love to write. It has to be. Writing is such an essential part of my life, even if there'd be an alternative universe where everyone excists as well, my alternative version would be writing.
No doubt about it.

The gears in my head are always working: always producing new ideas and providing me with delicious inspiration. Yet I can't seem to finish the 19475475923 stories I've created. Sometimes I stop just after creating the characters, sometimes after a few chapters. After that....I'm empty. My inspiration is gone. I guess that's what you call writer's block, eh?
I think I get stuck because I don't have any proof readers; people who read my chapters and give me feedback. Because when I get feedback, I start thinking about the story I want to write, not the story I've written. So I need to find myself some proof readers. I had a friend who read my stories for me, but she got frustrated with me because I had one written 3 chapters and then hopped on to another story.
She's really scary when she's scolding me and I had to stop sending unfinished stuff. T0T

So if any of you want to proof read, send me a message and we'll talk it over!

Sayonara mina!


Just a QuickE!

Annyeong everyone,

Well, I finished 1 Pound no Fukuin and watched Gokusen the movie (both with Kame in it)
Liked it, loved it, desired it. Seriously want to buy these two products!!!
And yes: I'm now officially a fan of Kame's acting ^^

Scene from Gokusen II: (Kame is the one with the yellow drink, Jin's the other)

I've been watching Cartoon KAT-TUN too and especially loving the episode where they have the "Dangerous present exchange" with Ne-Yo. Never really realized how kind a face Ne-Yo has. And it was so cool he actually wore the shoes Koki made for him!

This is it for now,

Sayonara mina!


Always keep the faith!

Annyeong everyone,

Always keep the faith. This is a really beautiful motto, not just for the religious people out there, but for us non-believers too. Always keep faith in yourself. No matter what people might say, no matter what they might think, you are somebody worthy. You are somebody.
And you should always keep faith in yourself and your abilities. No one is worthless. There is not one person out there, who can't do anything. There is always something. There is always a talent within people -it might be small or burried somewhere deep or it might be deemed insignificant. But talent is talent, no matter how trivial it might seem.

Even the smallest star shines in the dark. Of course there are always times when you are in selfdoubt or even selfpity, but don't let that get to you. The best way to live this relative short life on this planet, is to be happy with yourself and proud of everything you can and cannot do. Know thy self. Love thy self. This is what empowers you.

Now this is a helluva lot easier to say (or type) than to actually do it, I know. There are times when I feel pissed off because I'm unable to do even the simplest of house chores. Cooking is hell for me. And not being able to tell what time it is (within an hour), not being able to do subtract and all that math stuff...it's not been good for my selfesteem. Even seeing numbers still makes me feel uncomfortable. And I'm not really that positive a person...nor even really realisitc.
But I have a rule: Be Your Own Hero. That means trying hard at everything, trying to become (and I don't mean copy) the person you admire. Which also means to try and live your life in a way that you can be proud of yourself. And -if the person you admire would know you or see you - make them proud too.

I've only just begun thinking what I'm really good at. I'm always a pro at telling people my bad points: lazy, slob, passive...etc. But I need to stress my good point too. I need to be able to be proud of myself. I need to be my own Hero.
So here it goes....and yes: while I'm typing this my face is twitching *^^*

I'm good at English
I'm sarcastic (which means I don't take every little thing so serious and therefore I haven't as much problems as other people)
I'm a good fantasy writer (good, not yet great though)
I'm good at teaching myself things: I taught myself English before learning it at school.
I get along with most people (on a platonic level)
I'm always working hard for school
I'm not your typical rabid fangirl xD (Yeah, sorry, just had to make that one clear. I'm just a normal fan)
I'm relaxed, laid-back (on the edge of being a slacker)
I'm a tomboy (in other words: I get along well with guys and usually know how/what they think)
I'm not so quick to judge
I don't care (about your appearance, sexual preference, faith, lifestyle, what people think of me and whatever else there is)

I would like to say I'm good at languages, but in truth I couldn't survive a day in Paris even though I had high grades for French for 5 years. I'm only fluent in Dutch and English at the moment, though I'm busy trying to change that. Japanese and Korean are the first two languages on my to learn list.

Well, this was it for today. It was hard for me to do and most of you must think I have an ego the size of the Empire State Building.

Remember: Be your own Hero! And be happy!

Sayonara mina


Kamenashi Kazuya

Annyeong everyone,

I have made a new discovery! His name is Kamenashi Kazuya! He's a member of the popular Japanese group KAT-TUN and an amazing actor.

I first saw him in the ongoing (and therefore annoying, because I have to wait for the new episode to be aired and subbed) Japanese dorama Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. It's an adaption of the shoujo manga 'Wallflower'. I love his character in this dorama. Kyouhei is a guy I would want to date, although he has issues. Last night I watched episode 8...and I cried at the end. Poor Kyouhei was told by his mom -who was in a frenzy - that she regret having him. No parent should ever say that!

I've also been watching Gokusen Season II (haven't seen season 1 or three...not planning to) with starred Kazuya and his bandmate Akaniashi Jin. Japanese doramas are pretty short; 10-12 episodes max and especially with this one I didn't quite like it. It was such a good dorama and I really loved the characters, so I was sad to see it end. I'm gonna watch Gokusen the movie too, because Kazuya (a.k.a. Kame) is in it too.

The next two doramas I'm gonna watch are: 1 Pound no Fukuin (with Kame) and Tokyo Dogs. I don't know yet what to expect, I'll see soon enough.

Sayonara mina!


It's like a virus

Annyeong everyone,

Korean dramas are like a virus. You just can't fight them. You just have to watch them and look for new ones after you're finished, even if it interferes with your school work. It's like an illness, you can't help it.

The same goes for the Korean drama I just finished watching 3 seconds ago: Beethoven Virus. My favourite Korean actor is in it (Jang Geun Suk) and the girl from IRIS, but I forgot her name. At first I wasn't sure if it was worth my time. It's about a ragtag of "commoners" who come together to form an orchestra and the evil conductor who is known as the "Orchestra Killer".
But in the end, I loved it.
They have many problems but overcome them. They might now always get along very well, but they overcome that too. It's certainly not a feel-good drama like Full house or You're Beautiful, but it has its moments.
Only the ending was a bit weird, because it leaves you wondering what happens next. But that tends to happen to the best of dramas. Beethoven Virus is one of the most outstanding dramas I've seen so far. I recommend it to everyone!

Now I'm going to focus more on Japanese doramas, because I've only seen one: Hotman. I'd like to see more of those, so no more Korean dramas for me for a while. (But I wanna see Chuno real bad!!!!)

Sayonara mina!