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Annyeong everyone,

Saturday my mom, my sister and I went to Amsterdam to shop and visit my grandmom who just came back from Suriname. My mom was in a good mood and bought me an encyclopedia about the world's mythologies and the movie 300.

I loved that movie^^ Who doesn't like hack-and-slash movies? When we came home I tried convincing my little sister to watch it with me, but she wasn't in to it. And in the end I was glad she didn't watch it with me. The label said 16 ...but I hadn't considered it dangerous because we watched LotR extended edition and that was labeled 16 too. BUT...and this is a very big BUT...LotR had no sexscenes.

I had totally forgotten about the sexscene in 300, it's been a couple of months, you know? So I was glad she didn't stay and watch, cuz it was shocking! I was staring at the screen like 0.0 and I'm 18!

I will be frank and say that the sexscene should have been cut. Why? Here's why:

1) It was too explicit! I don't want to see everything, just a hint or the suggestion of what's going to happen is fine. If you have to show the deed, at least cover them with a blanket.

2) It was unneccesary. Seriously; it didn't add anything to the movie. 300 is about threehundred dudes facing a massive army of millions. Not about the king and his wife. So if I had been the director, I wouldn't even have put it in the movie at all. What happens in the bedroom doesn't matter. What happens on the battlefield does.

Anyways, gotta get back to work....the boss still isn't here though. It's pissing me off!

Ja mata ne mina!

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