The plot thickens

Annyeong everyone,

Today I'm going to talk about the most important process of many you go through when you're writing a novel. Plotting. Of course, worldbuilding, character building, revising, editing etc. are very important too but your plot is THE story.

Therefore, to me at least, plotting is very difficult. Because you can overplot or underplot. Overplotting means jotting down every little step and detail, resulting in a pile of at least 40 pages; so it makes no sense even writing the story because you practically already wrote it. Or you can underplot, meaning you write a global summary which leaves you with too many gaps and too many different roads to take. This causes you to get stuck when you write your story. So it's bad to overplot and underplot, but what should you do then?

The only way to go is to try and find a balance between the two. It's hard, I know. I'm still trying to find the balance myself. Plotting is also hard for me because I usually create my characters first and only when I finish them, I start thinking about a story to drop them in. Yeah again: I know, it's a bad habit. I'm sure I'll get it right someday ^^. The plotting me hwaiting!!!

BTW totally off topic:

After You're Beautiful and Baby and Me, I've been watching IRIS and I'm LOVING it. It's mystery stacked upon mystery upon mystery upon mystery. I'm especially loving BigBang's T.O.P.  (SPOILERS) T.O.P. is a mean assassin, and I'm totally hating on his character for killing sweet Yuki, which is the reason I love him in this drama. And wavy-haired T.O.P...me likey =D
Here see for youself:

Sayonara mina!


What I like about the K-pop industry

Annyeong everyone,

Today I'm gonna talk about the things I like about the K-pop industry. First of all, there is a big difference between the Asian music industry and the American one. Let's face it: America knows that sex sells and they will use this to their full advantage. I have no problems with that, I watch MTV as much as the next person (though I think there should be less "reality programs" and more music) And I'm not saying there aren't any sexy people in the Asian music industry, because then I'd be lying XD
But the most noticeable difference between these two music industries is that while in America the singers have a sexy and serious image, in Asia the emphasis is more on their dorky/cute behaviour. K-pop artists have no problem making complete fools of themselves, dressing up as girls, acting childish or mocking themselves.

Check out these three CFs (commercials) for example:



DBSK/Girls Generation 

While in America singers/actors/models tend to display a image of sexiness in commercials, these K-pop idols do the complete opposite: they make fun of themselves (Daesung being the slow one, Yunho being a macho) and display a rather cute/dorky image (Junsu in the telephone CF)

One of the other things I like about K-pop idols is that they always know each others dances! Sometimes you see them dancing the other's dances backstage while they're on a show. It's hilarious. Idols and actors sometimes even parody the dances. Here are some examples:

The 'Tell me' dance of the wondergirls
Here's the original music video for those of you who don't know the dance:

And here's how BigBang does it: (G-dragon is sooo loving it XD)

Here's how Superjunior does it:

And here's how DBSK does it:

The abracadabra dance by the Brown Eyed Girls (original version)

A parody by 2PM and 2AM:

Here's a parody by the cast of You're Beautiful (it's an actual scene):

Super Junior's Sorry Sorry:

Here's a parody also by the cast of You're Beautiful (another actual scene):

 They also like to imitate each other and some (Heechul) are pretty good!!!

These stars also always seem to know what the trends are. The newest trend (to my knowledge) is Tecktonic. See how Jang Geun Seuk (my favourite Korean actor) and Go Ara dance:

And here's my final example to show you just how much the Asian music industry is ALL about entertainment and showing the human side of the idols. Here's a clip of DBSK dancing in ridiculous outfits....don't ask me why, just enjoy:


Happy birthday JaeJoong!

Annyeong everyone,

Today is DBSK's JaeJoong's birthday! He's turned 24 (or 25 in Korea) and that is a cause for celebration. So Happy Birthday JaeJoongie!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and I wish you good health and happiness for all the years to come!

The first time I saw JaeJoong was a little more than 5 months ago (yes, I'm new to DBSK and already addicted) on youtube. It was a live performance of Love in the Ice, which is also my favourite Japanese song. He was the very first of the boys who captured my heart with his beautiful voice. (YooChun came second)
He's still my favourite (though I love all five of them) because of his adorkable nature. Yes, he's also beautiful, but that's not as important as his personality right? His bond with the members also enchanted me (Changmin's one-touch love, YooChun's soulmate etc) and his laugh is soooo contagious. When he laughs, you immediately crack up too.
Anyways, JaeJoong is a force to be reckoned with.

So again I wish you a happy birthday JaeJoong and I hope you put your worries and troubles behind you, at least for today.

See for yourself just how amazing the DBSK boys are!!

Sayonara, mina.


The final test

Annyeong everyone,

Today I had my final test to determine whether I have Asperger syndrome or not. It's going to take at least three weeks before I get called back to hear the results. I'm a bit nervous, but I'm not going to stress...I'll just wait patiently.
I've got nothing more to share for today so,

Sayonara mina


You're Beautiful

Annyeong, everyone

I just finished watching the Korean drama You're beautiful and I really liked it. It was a hilarious drama, that's what attracted me. There were a lot of crying scenes, some were good...some took too long. I really don't like people who cry too much over something that is repeated. Tae Kyung and Jeremy had beautiful crying scenes, full of emotions, so me likey. But Go Mi Nam was crying almost every time she saw Tae Kyung and Yoo He Yi together...it became annoying after a while. Okay, I get it: the guy you love is with another girl and sure the first time you see them kiss hurts, but come on! You don't have to cry every time you see the girl!!!

Since it's a romantic drama, it has a standard concept: you have the heroine, the jerk and the good guy. (I'm not counting Jeremy here, seeing how Mi Nam sees him as a brother) The heroine hates the jerk and is contantly watched over by the good guy. Good guy gets feelings for the heroine, the heroine gets feelings for the jerk. The jerk is clueless at first but then realises his feelings for the heroine, but is too proud to admit it. And you can guess the rest.
In the end, the jerk almost always ends up the heroine and the good guy is the ultimate good guy by letting her go. LE FIN.

I liked this drama more for its houmor than the romance...mainly because I hate romantic dramas/movies etc.
It kinda reminded me of Full House so that was a big bonus. I think Lee Hon Ki is a genious when comic relief is concerned!! And manager Ma...I can't say anything but Euynk ha ha!
I've become interested in Jang Geun Suk, who plays Tae Kyung (a.k.a. the jerk) and I'm gonna watch his movie 'Baby and me' when I get home...or maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

I also plan to watch IRIS, mainly because of T.O.P...I like his voice and image in BigBang, so I want to see if he can act too. I recently saw BigBang in Come to Play...a korean variety show, and they were pretty hilarious. T.O.P didn't say as much and his rating was edited out...but I'm really interested in him (and his friendship with JaeJoong of DBSK) G-dragon seems a lot of fun too and I've seen Daesung a couple of times in Family Outing. I need to look up the other two members as well.

That's about it,

Sayonara mina


Just a QuickE!

Annyeong everyone,

Just a quick update: I'm currently watching the Korean drama 'You are Beautiful' which follows the lives of 4 idolgroup members. I have to say it's a very entertaining drama.
But the greatest moment for me so far is the one where Tae Kyung (the leader) is chased by a pig. It's hilarious XD

Sayonara mina


Annyeong everyone,

Today I'm going to rant about MCs...and no, I don't mean Masters of Ceremonies. I'm talking about Main Characters. Yes...characters...plural.
No matter what kind of story you're reading/writing, whether it's fantasy, horror, sci fi or even non-fiction; there are always multiple Mcs.

Think about it for a second: in a standard fantasy story you already have at least 2 MCs: the protagonist and the antagonist. Or as I like to call them: the good guy and the big baddie. Sometimes there are multiple protagonists or antagonists (e.g: The Fellowship in the Lord of the Rings). All of the MCs need to be created properly. Of course not every character (MC or not) has to have a super detailed background, but you do need to know enough about them to be able to make them believeable.

Now I'm aware that I'm doing something horrible to my MCs as a writer. I tend to play favorites. (BAD BAD ME!!!) Of course there will always be characters you like more than others, this is in itself not a bad thing. But when you start giving your favorite MC all the good parts...that's when the troubles start. Because it's your favorite, you don't want him/her/it to get hurt or be killed. So now you have a problem.
No one can (eagerly) jump into battles and come out unscratched. It's impossible I say! Not even Superman (yeah...corny example..) can do that. And killing off your favorite is even worse. You don't want to kill them...you don't want them to die, you want them to be happy and merry and have them frolicking around through a field of daisies.
But you can't! In order to make a story believable, your MC can't just fight a thousand battles, get poisoned a dozen times and get tortured for hours and NOT die. Sometimes you have to kill off those you love...no matter how much it hurts.

Here two examples of favoritism:

GOOD - Eiichiro Oda (mangaka of One Piece) has a favorite character: Captain Buggy the Clown. I didn't even know about this until I read it somewhere. Some people might like Buggy, some might hate him. I personally think he's hilarious. But the most important thing is that Buggy might be in the spotlights for a while (sometimes for stuff he didn't even do XD) but he always disappears after that.
In the end you'll most likely forget about him until he appears again. Buggy is mainly there for comic relief.

BAD - Masashi Kishimoto (mangaka of Naruto) is far too obvious in his favoritism. Everyone knows Uchiha Sasuke is getting too much screentime. Fans are actually starting to gag when they see him. For me watching the anime and reading the manga is becoming a drag: I only watch it because I feel I owe it to myself to know how it ends. Sasuke used to be my favorite character...until he became (SPOILERS) bad and boring and emo. No offense to emos...Anyways, since Naruto is the title character, Sasuke should not have more screentime than him! And Naruto should stop trying to save his so-called friend, it's getting old.

Well that was it for now,

Sayonara mina


IQ test

Annyeong everyone,

Today I went to get a bonefide IQ test (part of some other phychological tests I have to take, to find out if I have Asperger syndrome). I was really excited, because I had no idea what to expect.
Appearently I did well...because the woman who was taking the test seemed surprised how fast I finished the assignments. She was also surprised by the fact I FINISHED the assignments...because ususally they look how far the patient can go and just stop there....but I finished them.
I have to go back in two weeks for another test (and I have one more assignment for the IQ test that I have to finish, we ran out of time because I finished all the assignments). It's gonna be a personality test or something...I have no idea what to expect.

Well, this is all I can share for now, sayonara mina!!!!


Welcome to my wonderful world

Annyeong everyone!

First things first: my friend Ankie told me she liked the seperate naming style for my "pseudo-Asian" characters, so I'm going with that suggestion. If I ever get published, she'll be mentioned in the acknowledgements! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Now my two previous post were about my (seemingly nameless) characters, but this one is going to be about the world they live in. Of course, I can't give too much info, since I'm paranoid about people stealing my ideas. (I see them everywhere...that dark shadow in the corner isn't supposed to have eyes, right? 0.0)
But I want to make it more clear how my world works and how the people who live in it are.
So here it goes:

My world consists of four continents: North, East, South and West, (no big surprise there) but I'm mainly focussing on the East and West. Now before I start rambling on about the relationships of the continents and such, I just want to state that even though I might use certain comparisons to the real world and real countries, I do not harbour any negative thoughts about particular countries or races. If for instance I say a certain tribe resembles the French but I give them the big bad baddie attitude, I don't mean to say the French are bad people. Understood? Great! Just so we're clear.

First the East and the Eastern Empire:

Since I have a special fondness for Asia (ancestory is strong), I decided to make my MC "pseudo-Asian". My biggest influences while creating the Eastern Empire were Japan and Korea: manners, customs, reverence toward ancestors, emotional control, Shintoism and martial arts are the pillars of their culture. The Empire is governed by an Empress. 
The education is superb. All children go public schools, no matter how rich or poor their parents may be. They are often also taught some form of self-defence.
After public school they have three choices: 1) become an apprentice 2) enroll in the Imperial Army 3) attend the schools at the Imperial Palace. Whichever way they choose to go, their education continues until they are twenty.
The Eastern Empire has great working relationships with the North and South and therefore teaches its people the languages and customs of both countries. Although the relationship with the West is almost non-excisting, the Easterners know the language of the West too. All of them are polyglots.

Korean influence: The names of the Eastern Empire characters are based on Korean names, sometimes I use a real name, but with a different spelling.
Japanese influence: The Easterners are called the People of the Rising sun, revere a sungoddess (Amaterasu) and my main characters follows the seven principles of Bushido.
I wanted to use honorifics but in the end whether I used the Korean or Japanese honorifics, it would be too obvious. So I'm leaving those out. Unless I can come up with my own.

 The West and the Western Empire:

The West is basically "pseudo-medieval". The standard human race which you can find in all fantasy books. They originate from the North, but after a failed coup the Westerners settled in the West. (Oh really?) They are mostly fair-haired, with the exception of a few redheads (including the Emperor). The Empire of the West actually is only an Empire in name, it's more like a kingdom.
The king decided he liked the way the Easterners honoured their Empress and began calling himself Emperor. The Western education distinguishes between commoners and the royal family. The commoners don't have access to the licensed teachers and only recieve 5 years of education. There aren't many choices they have when it comes to jobs: they can become servants serving the Empire, enroll in the army or they can take the regular jobs (baker, smith etc.).
Like many (not all) Brittons and Americans, they only speak their own language (the language of the North) since everyone speaks that language. The Westerners care not for other languages or customs.  
The West trades with the North and South, but not the East.

The North and South:

I'll admit I haven't put much thought into these two yet, but I have some things written down. The South is a kingdom and the North is an aristocracy. The North is almost impassable for outsiders who don't know their way. The image I have of the South is influenced by India mostly.  Both have great relationships with the East and trade with the West, but they still look down on the Western Empire because it's only been around for a few years and is relatively young.
That's all I have on these two right now, sorry it's so short. I need to do more research.

I hope everything has become a bit clearer now, sayonara mina!


A penny for yer thoughts...

No make that a few euros...I need the money. But let's not discuss my (non-excisting) finances.

Annyeong everyone,

Still building my characters, trying to give all of them believable backgrounds and giving them plausible reasons to be the kind of people they are. It wasn't so hard to come up with backgrounds for the goodguys/girls, but the baddies are a little more difficult.
I have the tendency to give my baddies (and goodies...goodguys sounds better, doesn't it?) dark backgrounds, full of pain, death and sorrow; this to justify them becoming so corrupted and twisted. And usually I can pull it off just fine, this time however there is more than one baddie and the whole "I'm-evil-because-people-didn't-treat-me-well-and-my-parents-never-loved-me background" is soooo getting old.

Of course, I could just go with the baddie who is evil for evils sake (I personally love those guys who just want to destroy the entire world, just because it's so darn fun), but I don't really think readers would sympathise with him so easily, if I did that. Well, I'll figure out what to do eventually...

Since I'm a big fan of DBSK, inspired by their music and completely JaeJoong and YooChun biased (brotherly love hwaiting!!!!), I have given one of my main characters JaeJoong's name...well...it's his name, but not spelled like JaeJoong. I wanted to name another one YooChun with a different spelling, but I figured that would be too obvious. XD
He'll get his time to shine, just...not in this story. Or maybe I'll just incorporate him in the story along the way, when the JaeJoong character is no longer DBSK's JaeJoong, but my creation.
Well, I guess this is it for now.

Still, I'd like that penny if a few euros is too generous for you =P

Sayonara mina


Character building

Annyeong, everyone

Well, I was actually supposed to be studying right now, but I'll do that later...or not XD
Anyways, I'm fleshing out characters for my newest fantasy novel with a nice catchy title, which I will not reveal. The story mostly takes place in what would be Asia on earth, so I have a lot of reseach to do. Not that I mind, I love Asia!!!
I'm intending to mix the cultures of Japan, Korea and China, so no favourites here.
I'm using Korean style names (JaeJoong, Seul Gi ...etc) but I'm still figuring out if I should write it seperately. What looks better: Yoo Chun or YooChun? I'm used to writing YooChun, but I like the seperate style more.
I'll figure it out eventually..I guess.
Lately I've been full of inspiration (even more than usual and I have a VERY imaginative brain...it's creepy). This is because DBSK or THSK in Japan or TVQX all around the world. My brain starts working overtime everytime I listen to one of their songs! It's really great and yet also very annoying, since I can't study when my brain is overflowing with ideas. But inspiration is what really matters, so I just want to shout out my thanks to DBSK.

So here it goes:
Junsu, YooChun, JaeJoong, Changmin and Yunho, THANK YOU FOR BEING MY MUZES!!!
Always keep the faith!

Now that I think about it...I'm still One Piece- and Fullmetal Alchemist deprived! I realize it's important for the writers/voice actors need a break too, but still...I need my weekly shot of good anime/manga. Naruto doesn't count anymore...it's steadily going downhill. I force myself to watch it every Friday, because once I start watching something, I'll stick with it till the end, but that it. That's the only reason.
One Piece on the other hand is becoming more epic every week. The ONLY thing I hate about One Piece is the week I have to wait to watch/read the new update.

Ahhh, before I forget: I recently discovered the Korean girl group f(x)- well, I knew about them before, but they never spiked my interest. I'm totally addicted to their song Chu and I think Amber is amazing. Power to the tomboys, yeah! 
So enjoy the video below while I go force myself to study =D

Sayonara mina!