Game plan

Annyeong everyone,

So today, I decided to spend some time thinking - seriously thinking - about my future. And no, I don't mean daydreaming about my life in Japan, working as an editor and being a famous novelist, with my adopted children and my two dogs. Though that is my favourite pastime K K K. 

No, I was thinking about what to do after I get my bachelor. Granted, I have two full years left, but what then? Find a job? It's my dream to move to Japan to start a new life there, finding a job there at 20 won't be that easy. Especially since my self-taught Japanese is still in it's baby stage. And I'm a foreigner. I'm not saying the Japanese are racists, I don't know all Japanese people and I do think they are smart enough to make their own judgement based on my personality and not my coloured skin. A Japanese friend of mine however, told me the Japanese just don't have that many opportunities to  meet foreigners. 

Anywaysss, I have been thinking of studying Japanese or Korean. And I've actually found an university where they offer both! It's in Leiden and not that far from my home town. A mere 42 minutes away to be exact. So if I would go to study Japanese ( it's actually called 'Languages and cultures of Japan') it would take three years. I'd be 23 when I was done. But then there is Korean ( 'Languages and cultures of Korea') as well. I don't want to give up on that, so I'd study at the university for another 3 years. I'd be 26 when I'd be done. 

I could, of course, decide to get a Master for both studies...that would probably take ehm...2 years, I suppose. I'd be 28. I don't know if I will try to get a Master for both, so let's scratch that for now. I will have three Bachelors (hopeful thinking) and a Master - in English. That could get me far when I'd look for a job in Japan right? I'd like to think so. And all the while I'll be working at the Hema and saving for the big move. Sound like a plan right? A killer plan! A game plan. 

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