No one is able to enjoy such feast than the one who throws a party in his own mind

Annyeong everyone, 

This quote about writing from Selma Lagerlöf, illustrates how I experience writing. I've just started to write again - after a long time of getting distracted by Bones, Dollhouse, Gokusen and a new dorama I discovered yesterday: Bloody Monday  - and it feels good. I can finally let my imagination flow again, and even though the same flow won't always apply when jotting down the words, I realize I've missed it. 

I've missed sitting at the table, typing or writing with my earphones in, ignoring reality. Well, not ignoring, just...substituting my own. And I love it. I love writing so much that when I'm not writing, I have the need to fill the empty space with something else. In this case doramas. I've always watched series/anime online, but not as much as I did a couple of days ago. So I decided I needed to write again.

My mind is overflowing and characters are springing up from nowhere. Imagination, inspiration and (ahem) genius are coming together. I'm itching to write and to draw, which I haven't done for more than 3 months by the way. And maybe I'll pick up my drawing again, to draw my characters, or attempt to at least. But right now I want to concentrate on my writing again.

Because writing - or throwing a party in your own mind - is a beautiful and amazing thing. I wouldn't want to give that up EVER. I'll continue to throwing parties and feasts and all such things in my mind and maybe one day I will finally be able to invite other people. Maybe someday I will get published. 

Kore wa watashi no yume dakara.

Ja mata ne, mina!!!   

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