When all else fails, blame an evil wizard

Annyeong everyone,

Long time no talkies! Well, let's start this post, shall we. When all else fails, blame an evil wizard...or in any other case ME. You see, I just love how I'm always blamed for everything. And not just by people who know me, but strangers do it to me too! Somehow I'm the reason wars were fought, the word buttwipe exists and why people are late.

Yup, it's all me. I'm a baby-eating-puppy-kicking-evil-villainous-time-warping-burning-the-world-just-for-the-fun-of-it wizard. *Insert evil laugh here* My eyes shoot lightening and when I burp it thunders in Bookbookiestan. When I'm angry 883025 people end up dying horribly in their comfy chairs. It's all me. Me, me, me. I'm the reason society goes down the drain.

And people wonder why I'm so sarcastic...bordering on the edge of cynical. All this and more is thrust upon me....while other have greatness thrust upon them. Seriously people, give it a rest. I'm probably the most polite, nice and goody goody two shoes kind of gal, you're ever gonna meet. And I say this without shame.

So when things go utterly wrong and all else fails, don't blame me. Just blame the evil wizard. He won't care, that's what he's for.

Mata ne mina!

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