Always keep the faith!

Annyeong everyone,

Always keep the faith. This is a really beautiful motto, not just for the religious people out there, but for us non-believers too. Always keep faith in yourself. No matter what people might say, no matter what they might think, you are somebody worthy. You are somebody.
And you should always keep faith in yourself and your abilities. No one is worthless. There is not one person out there, who can't do anything. There is always something. There is always a talent within people -it might be small or burried somewhere deep or it might be deemed insignificant. But talent is talent, no matter how trivial it might seem.

Even the smallest star shines in the dark. Of course there are always times when you are in selfdoubt or even selfpity, but don't let that get to you. The best way to live this relative short life on this planet, is to be happy with yourself and proud of everything you can and cannot do. Know thy self. Love thy self. This is what empowers you.

Now this is a helluva lot easier to say (or type) than to actually do it, I know. There are times when I feel pissed off because I'm unable to do even the simplest of house chores. Cooking is hell for me. And not being able to tell what time it is (within an hour), not being able to do subtract and all that math stuff...it's not been good for my selfesteem. Even seeing numbers still makes me feel uncomfortable. And I'm not really that positive a person...nor even really realisitc.
But I have a rule: Be Your Own Hero. That means trying hard at everything, trying to become (and I don't mean copy) the person you admire. Which also means to try and live your life in a way that you can be proud of yourself. And -if the person you admire would know you or see you - make them proud too.

I've only just begun thinking what I'm really good at. I'm always a pro at telling people my bad points: lazy, slob, passive...etc. But I need to stress my good point too. I need to be able to be proud of myself. I need to be my own Hero.
So here it goes....and yes: while I'm typing this my face is twitching *^^*

I'm good at English
I'm sarcastic (which means I don't take every little thing so serious and therefore I haven't as much problems as other people)
I'm a good fantasy writer (good, not yet great though)
I'm good at teaching myself things: I taught myself English before learning it at school.
I get along with most people (on a platonic level)
I'm always working hard for school
I'm not your typical rabid fangirl xD (Yeah, sorry, just had to make that one clear. I'm just a normal fan)
I'm relaxed, laid-back (on the edge of being a slacker)
I'm a tomboy (in other words: I get along well with guys and usually know how/what they think)
I'm not so quick to judge
I don't care (about your appearance, sexual preference, faith, lifestyle, what people think of me and whatever else there is)

I would like to say I'm good at languages, but in truth I couldn't survive a day in Paris even though I had high grades for French for 5 years. I'm only fluent in Dutch and English at the moment, though I'm busy trying to change that. Japanese and Korean are the first two languages on my to learn list.

Well, this was it for today. It was hard for me to do and most of you must think I have an ego the size of the Empire State Building.

Remember: Be your own Hero! And be happy!

Sayonara mina

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