An agnostic is one who confidently affirms, “I don’t know.”

Annyeong everyone,

Today I want to rant about why I chose to become an agnostic at the age of fourteen, while I was raised a Catholic. Now please do realize that these are MY views and MY opinion and that I'm not trying to insult anyone. If you think you might be offended by this post, I urge you not to read this.

First of all, you have certain kinds of agnostics (or so Wikipedia claims) but I'll just describe two;
1. The STRONG agnostic, who will probably say something like: "I cannot know whether a deity exists or not, and neither can you."
2. The WEAK agnostic, who will probably say something like: "I don't know whether any deities exist or not, but maybe one day when there is evidence we can find something out."

I am a weak agnostic. But I would probably say something like: "I don't know if God or Allah or any supreme being exists, but it doesn't matter to me." Because it doesn't, at least not to me. I don't think religious people are stupid or anything. I think religion is a wonderful thing. It brings strangers together. It is something you can share with others. I wish I could believe in a higher power that watches out for his or her people. But I can't.
I never felt a connection with God or Jesus or any other deity. I've heard people say they have been touched by God or that they speak to him. I have never been able to and I probably never will. I used to pray before eating or going to bed, but it was more of a habit. I did it, because my mom did it, because I've always done it. I really didn't believe I was talking to Him or Her. So when I started to think about all of this, I realized that I didn't know if there was a God or not. And to be honest: I didn't care.
So I decided to drop the "act" if you will, and stopped calling myself a Catholic. I wasn't one so I shouldn't be calling myself one. But I don't look down on religious people, in fact I think they have something beautiful I haven't, yet it's fine with me.

"I don't know if God or Allah or any supreme being exists, but it doesn't matter to me." I wrote this, thinking it wouldn't need an explanation, but I realized people can take this the wrong way.
I say it doesn't matter to me, because I live a pretty decent life. The only deadly sin I exercise so to speak, is sloth. I'm lazy as hell and sometimes indifferent^^ We all have our faults. Yet I guess I should explain this with an example:

So, let's say I was walking down the street, the sun was brightly shining, just doing my thing. But suddenly, it seems the whole world slows down and the sky opens. A figure (male, female,hemaphrodyte?) is revealed to everyone at the same time. So my penpal in Korea is looking at the same figure right now. It raises its hand and ZAP - no more hunger in the world. ZAP - no more war. ZAP - no more rasicm. ZAP - no more unnecesarry violence. All this, with just the raising of a hand.

I think it's pretty obvious I would be like: "WOW, there is a Supreme Being! 0.0"
Anyone would be like that.
But after that I would be like: "Oh well, now that's settled then," and happily go on with my life.

I wouldn't change the way I live, even though the deity had appeared in front of my eyes. As I said before, I live a pretty decent life. Well, that's all for now. Again I remind you, these were MY views and MY opinion. I didn't set out to hurt anyone. If you feel hurt, please word your thoughts and pain delicately.

Ja mata, ne?

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