Feeling blue

Annyeong everyone,

Let's start off with the good and happy update/news, shall we? Yesterday, my little sister turned 14! We surprised her with a few great presents - but the best present of all was a big 3D Michael Jackson poster. She's a big fan of Michael Jackson and she wanted it for a long time, but the store moved somewhere else and she thought she'd never be able to buy it for herself.
So this was a real surprise ^^ We also went to a hiphop show called BLAZE. It was amazing and I don't think she'll forget this birthday for a long time. The dancers came from all over the world. My favourite girl came from Vietnam; whenever she was on stage, she stole the show!

Now let's move on to the "somewhat good but also somewhat bad" news:

Remember how I told you guys I was being tested for Asperger syndrome? Well, I got the results back. First of all the result of the IQ test. Appearantly I made it very difficult for them and they had to use different references than usual. I didn't get most of the explaination, kekeke.
But they said I was gifted. So that was good, I guess. Well, after that it came to the diagnoses: Asperger or not? NOT.
I had certain traits that you'd find in people with Asperger, but not enough. However they now seem to think I have this learning disorder NLD. I still have to research all this, so I can't really tell you what this means. But some NLD traits (symptoms?) are akin to some Asperger traits, it seems. It can't be cured (duh, it's not an illness)

Now the bad news:

Good evening, this is the Bigeast Office.

Today, the following press release was announced. We would inform you as follows.

Regarding "Tohoshinki"
We have an announcement regarding the artist "Tohoshinki" who belongs to our company. We would make the following notice.

The activities of "Tohoshinki" will be suspended, but our company will make our best efforts in order to support the activities of the 5 members, who possess outstanding talents and are promised with a great future, at full strength.

Please warmly watch over "Junsu", "Yoochun", "Jaejoong", "Changmin", and "Yunho".

We appreciate your kind understanding.

avex management
Tohoshinki's activities will be suspended, but the Bigeast is a place where everyone treasures the bond between the 5 members and everyone.

The continuation of Bigeast is also under discussion of the Bigeast Office.
We are sorry for making a nuisance to all the Bigeasts, but we will inform you [about the future of Bigeast] by the end of April, so please wait for awhile.

2010/4/3 Sent at 18:00
Bigeast Office
Source: Bigeast Fan Mail + Tohoshinki's Official Website + avex group's Official Website
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


Yeah, this gave me quite the shock when I read it. Is it just a break? Or is the group going to break up? I want to stay positive, because the word "disband" isn't in here. But that's no guarantee...
I really only wish for those boys to get all they deserve: happiness, praise, recognisition and mature fans who grow as THSK grows. If they decide to disband, it's their choice and I will continue to support them seperately.

Although I'm a 'recent' fan, I feel really connected to these guys. I have never actually been a fan of an artist, only of songs. But that all changed when I heard Love in the Ice. These guys have struggled to get to the top and have become the stars of Asia. They are kind, generous and 4D - and unfortunately underrated. People who say they can't sing, have never heard Love in the Ice, Flowerlady or Bolero before.
They have inspired me to work hard and become the person I want to be. My own hero.

Anyways, since I heard this news, I've been listening to this (which is actually stupid, since it makes me even more blue):

However it somehow reminds me of the impact THSK/DBSK/TVXQ has had on me. I will stay positive and KEEP THE FAITH!

Mata ne, anata-tachi!

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