I'm an intern now *^^*

Annyeong everyone,

I dunno if I've told you guys, but for school I had to search for an internship for 10 weeks. Well, I got one. I am going to work for a website for students; writing articles and keeping the database updated. Honto ni muzukashii demo honto ni tanoshi desu. Watashi gambareso!!! ^^

Yesterday was my first day. I only have to go to the office twice a week, the rest of the work I do at home. After a few weeks we (my fellow interns and me) are going to go into the country and visit different schools. Tomorrow I'm going back to the office, right now I'm working on the database.

Anyways, gotta be going. Me hwaiting! Me fight-oh!

Ja mata ne?

P.S. I just watched the new dorama Sunao ni Narenakute, with JaeJoongie! He's getting better at acting. I'm interested in his relationship with his dorama sister. It was quite funny how he had a bit of an outburst in Korean. I was like....o.0 Wait, was that just...Korean? Kekeke, Sunao ni Narenakute wa honto ni omoshiroi desu!

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