Just a QuickE!

Annyeong everyone,

Today I finished watching Gokusen I, the prequel of Gokuen II which is one of my favourite doramas. I must say I still like II more than I, even though the storyline was pretty much the same and quite predictable - it was still a lot of fun to watch though^^.

I just have a habit of liking whatever part I see first more. For instance, I like LotR 2 more than the other two, because I saw it first. I like Xmen three more than the other two parts, because I saw it first. So I like Gokusen II because I saw it first. And because it had Kamenashi Kazuya in it, kekeke. But the characters from Gokusen I were likeable too. I liked Uchii more than Shin though.

I guess I should watch season 3 as well, since I already saw everything else - including Gokusen the Movie with (can you guess????) Kame!

Ja mata ne mina!

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