Time flies

Annyeong everyone,

Time flies when you're an intern. Seriousy, I haven't had time to write anything of my own. My future books are already gathering dust. I'm going crazy! It's really fun, you know, being an intern. But it's soooo tiring and demanding at the same time. Is this how it's gonna be when I'm a media professional and actually working?
Phew, I hope not.

But I'm aching to get started on my stories again. It's been too long. My hands are itching to get hold of a pen and write something magical or pseudo-medieval. I guess that when I do get back to writing again, I'll be singing along with and dancing to 2NE1/DBSK/BigBang songs with all my heart.

Look forward to it! You'll be hearing it wherever you are!

Ja mata ne? 

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