Lord, love a duck!

Annyeong everyone,

Lord, love a duck! Yeah...I know you're probably looking like this right now: o.0

I was like that too when I first read this idiom, but I like it. Lord, love a duck: An exclamation used when nothing else will fit. Often fitting when one is stunned or dismayed. I am both stunned and dismayed. Why? Because of romance!

The love I'm talking about has nothing to do with me, make no mistake! I have a non-existing lovelife. But it's about my aversion towards romance. I hate romantic movies/books/songs. I value passion more than romance anyways. Romance makes me want to puke, it's all so standard and unoriginal. Seriously. It's all been done before. When I see a romantic comedy, I will already know how it ends after watching for 5 minutes. It's all the same.

And yet! Most of the dramas/doramas I've seen revolved around love and romance. Hana yori dango, You are beautiful, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Full House, Let's go to school, Sang Doo!, Sappuri, Sunao ni Narenakute, 1 Pound no Fukuin even IRIS! I shocked me when I realized this. But most of the time I watched those doramas/dramas for a particular reason: the humor. Or the actor (Kame, T.O.P, Rain, Jang Geun Suk, JaeJoong) Not so much the romance....I skipped it whenever I had the chance.

But what I can't possibly deny is the fact that my favourite songs are all lovesongs! Flower Lady, Love in the Ice, Why did I fall in love with you, Mirotic....they are all lovesongs! But do I really listen to them because they're lovesongs? Nope. I can't understand Japanese/Korean that well. I listen to them because I like the voices of my favourite 5 boys. Kizuna by Kame feels like a lovesong, but is about friendship. So I guess I'm saved.

For a few moments I thought I was turning into an entirely different person! But I'm still the same old me. Watashi wa daijoubu desu. Kekekeke

Ja mata ne mina!

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