IQ test

Annyeong everyone,

Today I went to get a bonefide IQ test (part of some other phychological tests I have to take, to find out if I have Asperger syndrome). I was really excited, because I had no idea what to expect.
Appearently I did well...because the woman who was taking the test seemed surprised how fast I finished the assignments. She was also surprised by the fact I FINISHED the assignments...because ususally they look how far the patient can go and just stop there....but I finished them.
I have to go back in two weeks for another test (and I have one more assignment for the IQ test that I have to finish, we ran out of time because I finished all the assignments). It's gonna be a personality test or something...I have no idea what to expect.

Well, this is all I can share for now, sayonara mina!!!!

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