The plot thickens

Annyeong everyone,

Today I'm going to talk about the most important process of many you go through when you're writing a novel. Plotting. Of course, worldbuilding, character building, revising, editing etc. are very important too but your plot is THE story.

Therefore, to me at least, plotting is very difficult. Because you can overplot or underplot. Overplotting means jotting down every little step and detail, resulting in a pile of at least 40 pages; so it makes no sense even writing the story because you practically already wrote it. Or you can underplot, meaning you write a global summary which leaves you with too many gaps and too many different roads to take. This causes you to get stuck when you write your story. So it's bad to overplot and underplot, but what should you do then?

The only way to go is to try and find a balance between the two. It's hard, I know. I'm still trying to find the balance myself. Plotting is also hard for me because I usually create my characters first and only when I finish them, I start thinking about a story to drop them in. Yeah again: I know, it's a bad habit. I'm sure I'll get it right someday ^^. The plotting me hwaiting!!!

BTW totally off topic:

After You're Beautiful and Baby and Me, I've been watching IRIS and I'm LOVING it. It's mystery stacked upon mystery upon mystery upon mystery. I'm especially loving BigBang's T.O.P.  (SPOILERS) T.O.P. is a mean assassin, and I'm totally hating on his character for killing sweet Yuki, which is the reason I love him in this drama. And wavy-haired T.O.P...me likey =D
Here see for youself:

Sayonara mina!

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