Character building

Annyeong, everyone

Well, I was actually supposed to be studying right now, but I'll do that later...or not XD
Anyways, I'm fleshing out characters for my newest fantasy novel with a nice catchy title, which I will not reveal. The story mostly takes place in what would be Asia on earth, so I have a lot of reseach to do. Not that I mind, I love Asia!!!
I'm intending to mix the cultures of Japan, Korea and China, so no favourites here.
I'm using Korean style names (JaeJoong, Seul Gi ...etc) but I'm still figuring out if I should write it seperately. What looks better: Yoo Chun or YooChun? I'm used to writing YooChun, but I like the seperate style more.
I'll figure it out eventually..I guess.
Lately I've been full of inspiration (even more than usual and I have a VERY imaginative brain...it's creepy). This is because DBSK or THSK in Japan or TVQX all around the world. My brain starts working overtime everytime I listen to one of their songs! It's really great and yet also very annoying, since I can't study when my brain is overflowing with ideas. But inspiration is what really matters, so I just want to shout out my thanks to DBSK.

So here it goes:
Junsu, YooChun, JaeJoong, Changmin and Yunho, THANK YOU FOR BEING MY MUZES!!!
Always keep the faith!

Now that I think about it...I'm still One Piece- and Fullmetal Alchemist deprived! I realize it's important for the writers/voice actors need a break too, but still...I need my weekly shot of good anime/manga. Naruto doesn't count anymore...it's steadily going downhill. I force myself to watch it every Friday, because once I start watching something, I'll stick with it till the end, but that it. That's the only reason.
One Piece on the other hand is becoming more epic every week. The ONLY thing I hate about One Piece is the week I have to wait to watch/read the new update.

Ahhh, before I forget: I recently discovered the Korean girl group f(x)- well, I knew about them before, but they never spiked my interest. I'm totally addicted to their song Chu and I think Amber is amazing. Power to the tomboys, yeah! 
So enjoy the video below while I go force myself to study =D

Sayonara mina!

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