What I like about the K-pop industry

Annyeong everyone,

Today I'm gonna talk about the things I like about the K-pop industry. First of all, there is a big difference between the Asian music industry and the American one. Let's face it: America knows that sex sells and they will use this to their full advantage. I have no problems with that, I watch MTV as much as the next person (though I think there should be less "reality programs" and more music) And I'm not saying there aren't any sexy people in the Asian music industry, because then I'd be lying XD
But the most noticeable difference between these two music industries is that while in America the singers have a sexy and serious image, in Asia the emphasis is more on their dorky/cute behaviour. K-pop artists have no problem making complete fools of themselves, dressing up as girls, acting childish or mocking themselves.

Check out these three CFs (commercials) for example:



DBSK/Girls Generation 

While in America singers/actors/models tend to display a image of sexiness in commercials, these K-pop idols do the complete opposite: they make fun of themselves (Daesung being the slow one, Yunho being a macho) and display a rather cute/dorky image (Junsu in the telephone CF)

One of the other things I like about K-pop idols is that they always know each others dances! Sometimes you see them dancing the other's dances backstage while they're on a show. It's hilarious. Idols and actors sometimes even parody the dances. Here are some examples:

The 'Tell me' dance of the wondergirls
Here's the original music video for those of you who don't know the dance:

And here's how BigBang does it: (G-dragon is sooo loving it XD)

Here's how Superjunior does it:

And here's how DBSK does it:

The abracadabra dance by the Brown Eyed Girls (original version)

A parody by 2PM and 2AM:

Here's a parody by the cast of You're Beautiful (it's an actual scene):

Super Junior's Sorry Sorry:

Here's a parody also by the cast of You're Beautiful (another actual scene):

 They also like to imitate each other and some (Heechul) are pretty good!!!

These stars also always seem to know what the trends are. The newest trend (to my knowledge) is Tecktonic. See how Jang Geun Seuk (my favourite Korean actor) and Go Ara dance:

And here's my final example to show you just how much the Asian music industry is ALL about entertainment and showing the human side of the idols. Here's a clip of DBSK dancing in ridiculous outfits....don't ask me why, just enjoy:

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