A penny for yer thoughts...

No make that a few euros...I need the money. But let's not discuss my (non-excisting) finances.

Annyeong everyone,

Still building my characters, trying to give all of them believable backgrounds and giving them plausible reasons to be the kind of people they are. It wasn't so hard to come up with backgrounds for the goodguys/girls, but the baddies are a little more difficult.
I have the tendency to give my baddies (and goodies...goodguys sounds better, doesn't it?) dark backgrounds, full of pain, death and sorrow; this to justify them becoming so corrupted and twisted. And usually I can pull it off just fine, this time however there is more than one baddie and the whole "I'm-evil-because-people-didn't-treat-me-well-and-my-parents-never-loved-me background" is soooo getting old.

Of course, I could just go with the baddie who is evil for evils sake (I personally love those guys who just want to destroy the entire world, just because it's so darn fun), but I don't really think readers would sympathise with him so easily, if I did that. Well, I'll figure out what to do eventually...

Since I'm a big fan of DBSK, inspired by their music and completely JaeJoong and YooChun biased (brotherly love hwaiting!!!!), I have given one of my main characters JaeJoong's name...well...it's his name, but not spelled like JaeJoong. I wanted to name another one YooChun with a different spelling, but I figured that would be too obvious. XD
He'll get his time to shine, just...not in this story. Or maybe I'll just incorporate him in the story along the way, when the JaeJoong character is no longer DBSK's JaeJoong, but my creation.
Well, I guess this is it for now.

Still, I'd like that penny if a few euros is too generous for you =P

Sayonara mina

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  1. Maybe a baddie, with a good background, that finds out that he/ she is one of few people who got that ( good background)... So he/ she decides, the whole world needs to suffer, just to make it fair to the people who suffer most...

    He sees it as an act of good... and if some 'suffering' people die in the progress of making nog suffering people suffer, well, there where suffering anyway!

    So if he kills poor people, he helps them, and he makes the rich/ mightier ones suffer!!!

    I like him/ her already... The I am God and what I do is for the best of Anyone!