You're Beautiful

Annyeong, everyone

I just finished watching the Korean drama You're beautiful and I really liked it. It was a hilarious drama, that's what attracted me. There were a lot of crying scenes, some were good...some took too long. I really don't like people who cry too much over something that is repeated. Tae Kyung and Jeremy had beautiful crying scenes, full of emotions, so me likey. But Go Mi Nam was crying almost every time she saw Tae Kyung and Yoo He Yi together...it became annoying after a while. Okay, I get it: the guy you love is with another girl and sure the first time you see them kiss hurts, but come on! You don't have to cry every time you see the girl!!!

Since it's a romantic drama, it has a standard concept: you have the heroine, the jerk and the good guy. (I'm not counting Jeremy here, seeing how Mi Nam sees him as a brother) The heroine hates the jerk and is contantly watched over by the good guy. Good guy gets feelings for the heroine, the heroine gets feelings for the jerk. The jerk is clueless at first but then realises his feelings for the heroine, but is too proud to admit it. And you can guess the rest.
In the end, the jerk almost always ends up the heroine and the good guy is the ultimate good guy by letting her go. LE FIN.

I liked this drama more for its houmor than the romance...mainly because I hate romantic dramas/movies etc.
It kinda reminded me of Full House so that was a big bonus. I think Lee Hon Ki is a genious when comic relief is concerned!! And manager Ma...I can't say anything but Euynk ha ha!
I've become interested in Jang Geun Suk, who plays Tae Kyung (a.k.a. the jerk) and I'm gonna watch his movie 'Baby and me' when I get home...or maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

I also plan to watch IRIS, mainly because of T.O.P...I like his voice and image in BigBang, so I want to see if he can act too. I recently saw BigBang in Come to Play...a korean variety show, and they were pretty hilarious. T.O.P didn't say as much and his rating was edited out...but I'm really interested in him (and his friendship with JaeJoong of DBSK) G-dragon seems a lot of fun too and I've seen Daesung a couple of times in Family Outing. I need to look up the other two members as well.

That's about it,

Sayonara mina

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  1. ahh you finished yb :DDD

    Shinwoo is so hot :D but too bad he gets way too much screentime nowadays in the entertainment ._.
    Btw it's Lee Honggi/Hongki :D god. love that kid. his humor that is! LOL.

    Moet wel zeggen, Jang Geun Suk is really a good actor :D Baby and I was soooo adorable *____*!!!!

    as for bigbang, i'm more of a fan of Taeyang and Seungri :D Daesung is really lovable in Family Outing. As for Gdragon, I have no words for his fashion anymore or his songs rofl. I like him so much better in the past LOL.