12 days of fleshing out characters

Annyeong everone *^o^*

Well, I'm not really going to be fleshing out characters: one per day seems pretty slow to me, kekeke. But yeah, I'm STILL working on them non-stop.
And the worst part is: when I finished one and begin to work on another, I suddenly get these brilliant ideas for the former! It's like I'm not getting any further and keep working on the same character over and over and over again. It's driving me crazy!! ToT
Anyhow, the plotting isn't going so well either. I have the basic plan in my head and the beginning on paper and now I'm stuck. I know what I want, but I just can't jot it down. But jotting it down is very important, because I have an unreliable memory. I sometimes  forget something 2 seconds after it's been told. I even have times when I walk into the kitchen/my room/any other place in the house and then realize I forgot what I was going to do. (EPIC FAIL)
That's why it's important for me to write ideas down or record them.

Well, I'm sure my head gets unstuck after a while and I'll be able to plot out my entire novel on paper or the computer. I'll probably write it down first anyways and then type it all out on the computer...And I'll probably hit my head against my imaginary wall for giving myself extra work.
Ah well....story of my life. OTL

Sayonara mina!

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