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Annyeong everyone,

I love dogs. Not all dogs of course, only the ones who still remotely look like wolves. Why? Because I love wolves. But let's keep my love for those wise and beautiful creatures for another post. I got the idea for this post when my aunt announced she has bought a American bulldog pup. I'm really curious how he is (because I'm not a fan of bulldogs at all). We're probably going to visit him in two weeks or so.

So, wolflike dogs. Which breeds have what it requires to be "wolflike"? Well, the smaller breeds obviously don't qualify. A Poodle or a Terrier doesn't doesn't even look like a wolf anymore. (Some Poodles don't even look like dogs anymore...poor animals) BTW: I'm listing these wolflike breeds randomly and I'm only commenting elaborately on the first breed.

The 1st breed (and my personal favourite!!!) is the wolfhound. You have two different breeds of wolfhounds: the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and the Saarlooswolfhond (Saarloos Wolfhound).

                                                             Czechoslovakian Wolfdog:  

Saarloos wolfhond:

Now, my favourite of the two is the Saarloos, mainly because it looks a little bit more wolfish than the Czech. I would like to own a Saarloos or two when I'm older. Maybe a Czech too, though a Czech still retains more doggish behaviour. I've heard the Czech is much like a German Shepard in nature.
I'm trying to find as much info on these two as possible, but because they're both a relative 'new' breed, there's not that much information.  The Saarloos is a Dutch breed and is mostly seen in The Netherlands and Germany...but I haven't actually seen them on the street yet. The Saarloos has a very reserved personalities and will sonner flee than fight.

The 2nd breed is the Alaskan Malamute:

Has a broader face than a wolf....but still

The 3rd breed is the Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael):

Still has a bit of wolflike features, don't you think?

The 4th breed is the Berger Blanc Suisse:
The puppy is so cute!

The 5th breed is the German Shepherd:
Doglike, yes. Wolflike...more so than others...

The 6th breed is the Greenland Dog:
Northern breeds often tend to look more wolflike.

The 7th breed is the Seppala Siberian Sleddog:
Looks a bit like a husky, right?

The 8th breed is the Shiba Inu:
Yeah...remember what I said about small breeds...wel this one's pretty small too.

The 9th breed is the Shikoku:
Yay, a Japanese breed like the Shiba Inu!

The 10th breed is the Siberian Husky:
There's no way this one isn't on my list!

The 11th breed is the Tamaskan Dog:
Wow...these look so much like wolves!

Well that was it for now, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!

Sayonara mina

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