The time is now!

Annyeong everyone,

I wasn't going to post today but to quote Lee Hyori: "The time is now!" I should't postpone if I don't have to. Today I finally finished IRIS and though it was epic, the ending was very sad. I heard there is going to be a season two, but I have no idea how they want to pull that one of. Most of the important characters are dead. But who knows? It might be another epic drama.

I also went to my aunt and my cousins. I might have told you about it already; they've got an American bulldog puppy. He is the cutest thing ever! He was so enthusiastic and happy to meet us! He was very eager to play with us and cuddle with us, kekeke.
I had my doubts about him at first, but not anymore. I do hope he calms down a little when he's older and bigger, because he's already very strong! He almost pulled my arm off!

Oh! I totally forgot! Yesterday I watched a movie called Ip Man, about Chinese martial arts and the history of China. Too bad it had poorly translated subtitles..I hardly had any inkling of what was going on! I understood the dialogue alright, but the Chinese writings weren't translated. Anyways, I would strongly suggest it. Great movie.

Sayonara mina!

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