A Late Happy Birthday Yunho

Annyeong everyone,

To my shame I must admit I forgot to blog about U-know Yunho's birthday. My (lame) excuse is that yesterday I had a lot to do for school. So to redeem myself, I will blog about his birthday today. It's a day late, I know, but at least I'm doing it.


He's turned 24 (or 25 in Korea) and that is a cause for celebration. I hope you have a wonderful day and I wish you good health and happiness for all the years to come, Yunho!

It's hard to believe he's still so young! Well...he's older than I am (me being 18) but still. For such a young man, he has displayed great leadership qualities and I'm proud of him. I don't think DBSK would have been the same DBSK I love if one of the other members had been the leader.
Even though he has a manly personality and oozes leadership, he also has a very playful childlike side. Anyone who can combine cuteness with manliness is a genius. 
I hope you put your worries and troubles behind you, Yunho and enjoy 2010 a little bit more.

See for yourself just how amazing the DBSK boys are!!

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